The control panel

The control panel helps you use the needed tools while you browse with Fouita, it’s a minimalistic and an easy way to interact with your website and Fouita at the same time.
Once you integrate Fouita and log in, this toolbar will appear on you page.
The control panel contains :

Edit mode

Edit your widget inside the page using the edit mode. You can modify texts, icons, images ...etc.

fouita edit

List of widgets

-  Access the list of widgets.
- Choose a version of a widget.
- Add the chosen widget to a page.

fouita widgets

Text content

Add text content to your page using different types of blocs. Blocs can include only text, title and text, text and image, etc.

Preview mode

When you like to test how widgets are being seen by your website visitors you can either open a new incognito window or use the preview mode to quickly test your change

Note: the changes on the user flow are not applied in the preview mode

preview fouita

Current page widgets

- All the added widgets in the page are stored in the page widgets. You can show and hide them only for you to avoid confusion while editing.

fouita page widgets

Media library

- Add pictures 
- Import pictures directly from pixabay
- Update your widget images by selecting an image direcly from the library

Project Settings

- Update your project details.
- Show/hide Fouita login icon by default at first visit.
- Update global theme colors and add fonts (google fonts).
- Add team members (premium package only).

Toggle dark mode

if dark mode is your favorite, you can toggle the dark mode by clicking on the moon icon

That's it, we have covered all the control panel essentials.
It's time to go deep into widget control bar.
The missing pieces of your website.
kairouan, tunisia
built using fouita!