Control widgets flow

With widget flow you can decide when to show widgets for your visitors.
You can make widgets appear when the user opens the page, while scrolling, while leaving the page, on click etc for a specific time. 

Create a flow

After installing the widget on your website, you can create widget flow in different ways:
1 - Access to it in the list of the widgets and click on the flow icon on the left.

add flow fouita widget

If you have added a widget into your page(s), you can access the flow by:
2 - Activate edit mode and click on the flow icon from you inline control bar

fouita widgets

3- You can also access you page widgets from the left sidebar and click on the flow icon

fouita widgets

Update flow details

After you click, the list of options will appear. You have two main blocs which are the actions and the conditions.

fouita flow widget

Display Options

1. When Visitor enters the page

By default any widget is in display mode when visitor enters the page.
The show options are:

fouita flow widget

- Show Widget after time: Once the visitor loads the page, the widget will appear after the time that you choose in seconds or in minutes.
- Show widget for only: You can choose the duration during which the widget can be displayed. After this duration, the widget will hide automatically.
- Show widget after minimum visits of: The widget will show after a certain number of visits. If you choose ‘2 visits’, then the widget will appear only after the 2 visits.
- Widget will be displayed next after: The widget will appear every ‘X times’. i.e if you choose 2 visits, the widget shows once every two visits.
- Maximum shows of widget: Choose for how many time in one visit the widget can be displayed.

2. When visitor is scrolling inside the web page

Choose one of the following options :

fouita scroll page widget

A. Set show options
Define the timing, the duration, after how many visits it appears, etc.

fouita scroll show opts

B. Set Hide options

fouita hide opts

3. Show and hide options when visitor is leaving the page
The options are similar to the previous choices.

You can choose conditions to decide to what type of audience you would like the widget to be visible or hidden.

flow fouita

Note: Combination of conditions is done using an "AND (&&)" operator

If HTML element exist 

You might want to decide if you like to show the widget only for new visitors that are not authenticated, and the condition to know that is from your navbar. for example, if the element that contains the word "login" exist you display the widget, otherwise the widget will be hidden.

fouita conditions

If you click on the mouse pointer you will be able to select the element inside your page, we use xpath to make the selection more accurate.

The above condition means if the header element inside that "id" exist the widget will be shown, otherwise it will be hidden.

If you would like to hide the widget instead, you click on the "hide" option and the checking will be, if element exist the widget will not be shown to visitors, otherwise it will display normally.

If URL contains a parameter

Sometimes you like to show the widget for people coming from sertain source using the UTM params, this can be done using this condition.

fouita widget param

The condition would be, if visitor is coming from
The widget will be shown, otherwise the widget will stay hidden for all visitor actions.

If visitor is from specific region

If you are using a cookie widget for example, and you would like to show it only for visitors coming from europe, you can do so by specifiying the the following condition.

fouita widgets

You can as well hide widgets from specific visitors from certain timezone.

fouita widget

Note:  By using the capital of the country, you are targetting the full country.

If visitor is using specific browser, device or OS

Conditions can also apply for visitors using specific device or OS.


Triggers are actions that can be performed inside the widget.
If you like to hide a widget forever for a user that subscribed, you can do so by using the triggers.

fouita triggers

Note: some widgets don't have triggers, they are only present in specific kind of widgets

Testing the flow

You can test the flow using the "preview mode" by clicking on the following icon on the control panel

fouita preview

And then exist the preview mode by clicking on "Exit Preview"

fouita preview

If you want to test how the flow operates on multiple visits, you can do so by opening a new private navigation.
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