The Alert and Announcement widget.

Alerts are a useful way to declare a special event or an important action on websites. 
They are highly recommended to keep your website visitors informed about important updates . 
Those widgets create urge or ask users to do a certain action.

You can use the widget in several cases.

Inorder to implement them the right way, alert widgets can be used in the following cases:
- To show up notifications on the website.
- To confirm an action that was done successfully.
- To welcome new users after signing up on a website.
- To show error messages related to an occuring issue.
- To declare reminders about important events or deadlines for discounts.
- To create urgency for users to complete certain tasks quickly like adding the payment informations to close the deal.

How it can serve my website ?

Website visitors are seeing an infinite number of informations daily. Due to this huge amount of data, users don’t pay attention to everything.
Thus, if you want to highlight something on your website, it should be eye catchy and highly attractive.
Alert messages and announcement are the best way to do so, once they appear, they should attract the visitor and make him notice the content that may vary according to the context.

Customize your widget

You have plenty of features to edit according to your
website design.
Choose colors that match your website color palette.
You can optimize your images right away, or you can use Pixabay directly. 
You can edit the fonts, the size, and the text content as well. 
If you want to redirect your users to a specific action, you can insert a link.

Track your Data

Data is your safest road to customer understanding. 
Fouita gives you the possibility to gather, track and analyze your insights. No more random decision making, now you can keep an eye on every action your customer executes on your website through a detailed dashboard. 

Shape your flow

Visitors like to live non-ordinary experiences and they like to be treated well. That's what they will see once you monitor your flow. You will be able to choose when and where to show widgets. Not only that, you can choose the time, the duration, the triggers, etc. In other words, you will interact with your customers indirectly to retain them more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cases in which I should use the alert widget? 
Should I insert a CTA with alert messages? 
Why should the alert message be displayed as a widget? 

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