Images gallery widget

The widget aims to display galleries under different forms to suit your website .
Not only that, some businesses use the image gallery widget to showcase their company.
If you are willing to integrate images to your website, there is no better way than integrating this widget. It’s an added value that you can use to stand out from competition.

Behind Every Picture, There is a

Story !

If you want your customers to extend their navigation time on your website, you should offer them something special to explore. By displaying engaging pictures, you are allowing your website visitors to engage more with your content.

Benefits of adding this widget to your website 

1- Enhance your digital exposure
When you showcase, you build a good reputation and you increase your chances to be easily recognized online. Customers like to see concrete examples before they purchase.
2- Improve credibility
Your business will be more accurate if you are exposing your products and interacting with customers. Added to that, it’s a great way to build recognition for people who worked on them.  
3- Enhance page navigation
A great user experience can be achieved on your website by having organized galleries and albums that seem more professional and simple to explore.
4- Increase online engagement
Websites become more engaging when images and photographs are used instead of extended descriptions. Including photos in your articles increase visitor engagement and boost pagev iews for those posts.
5-Enhanced SEO
Yes, you can add keywords, tags and important descriptions to your images so that you help your content become indexed and more visible in relevant searches.

Customize your widget

You have plenty of features to edit according to your website design.
Choose colors that match your website color palette.
You can optimize your images right away, or you can use Pixabay directly.
You can edit the fonts, the size, and the text content as well.

Audit your Data

Data is what counts the most nowadays since without it, no decision making can be done effectively. Fouita enables you to check every single detail and insight about your widget performance in terms of actions, geolocations, browsers, UTM parameters, devices and much more !

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I import images? 
Can I choose how to display the pictures? 
Can I choose which images can be displayed first?
 Do I have a maximum number of images that I should not exceed ? 
What kind of images should I display in the widget?

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