The pricing card widget

It enables you to clearly and simply provide all the informations to prospective clients so they can decide on their purchase. With the help of the Pricing Card widget, users are now able to design and construct paper-like pricing tables with a title, a price, price text, custom text, features, and a button for the purchase action.

Encourage your visitors to buy

Pricing Cards significantly influence how users choose their products. Users may choose the best product by adding attractive pricing tables that are simple to scan, which increases conversions and purchases. The fact that website users can see the different pricings in front of them and compare them increases the likelihood of purchase.

Customize your widget

You have plenty of features to edit according to your
website design.
Choose colors that match your website color palette.
You can optimize your images right away, or you can use Pixabay directly. 
You can edit the fonts, the size, and the text content as well.

Supervise your Data

Are you wondering how to track your widget's performance ?
Don't worry! Fouita is providing you with a full dashboard that contains every action performed on the widget. Data will be represented by curves, numbers, pourcentages, etc. 


Increase efficiency while interacting with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is displaying pricing cards crucial?
What are the possible integrations that visitors can use for payment?
Can I change my prices at any time? 

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