Users Don’t Read, They Skim.

While displaying your product cards, keep in mind that you increase the likelihood of purchase. Customers nowadays don’t spend time reading long descriptions. They prefer to find all the informations showed briefly. That’s why, products cards are a must on your website.
Provide product information
It is necessary to preserve the essential elements like detailed descriptions, images, availability and delivery.
Use smart descriptions
Users are looking for concise information that will help them make a decision about choosing a given product.
Organize your content
Customers pay attention more to a bright and catchy side of a website or a mobile app. Cards are always noticeable.

Increase your revenue

Having thousands of visitors would be pointless if what they find on your website doesn't persuade them to make a purchase. A million visitors who don't buy are worth less than a thousand who do. A well-designed product card is the best solution to leverage your income as a business owner or an affiliate.

Be concise and direct

Use the Call To Action button wisely. The main target action for a product card is a purchase. Therefore, the call-to-action button plays a unique role. It should attract attention and be noticeable: large enough, in a contrasting color. The action should be obvious. This is usually “Buy” or “Add to Cart.”

Customize your widget

You have plenty of features to edit according to your
website design.
Choose colors that match your website color palette.
You can optimize your images accordingly to the text displayed.
You can edit the fonts, the size, and the text content as well. 
You can add specific links to your product cards to direct your visitors.

Track your widgets Data

With great Data comes great success especially when it comes to huge numbers and high traffic on websites.
Great news! now, you have the ability to have access to every widget analytics starting from the device used to the UTM parameters.

Products Widgets Preview

Get to know the full-pack widgets in the preview mode without the need to register. 

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