Reviews, Your online voice!

Your internet reviews are your business reputation.
Positive and negative evaluations can tell you whether or not your visitors were satisfied with the present experience.
There may be hundreds of insightful online reviews of your business. But if your clients are unaware of them, they could easily be wasted.
So why not compile them all and post them on your website to increase the credibility of your goods or services?

Enhance trustworthiness.

Today’s consumers are skeptical. They want to know what others think of your brand before  they get invested.
A social proof widget automatically pulls in customer reviews from multiple platforms and displays them in one handy place across your website to boost SEO and customer confidence.
Added to that, Reviews work as a bridge between customers and store owners so you get a more loyal customer base.

You can prioritize your top rated reviews to play at first.

Site Reviews enable your visitors to submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your website.

Now, you can tag your best reviews to make them appear at the top of the list to boost sales and emphasize on the social proof.

It’s also a free tool to market your business the best way possible.

Benefits of adding review widget

to your website

1- Increase trust

Building buyer confidence and making your brand stand out from the competition are two ways to increase trust. Social proof is important since it helps to establish credibility and trust.
2- User Generated Content enhances Trust & Loyalty

UGC has a larger value in selling your services. It’s a wonderful approach for displaying customer feedback. It gives you useful information about how customers use your services.
3-Impact purchasing decisions

Reviews have a quick impact on leads who are unsure. The greatest social proof can seamlessly incorporate encouraging reviews into your website to give visitors an instant sense of security.
3- Enhance page navigation

Good reviews increase the purchase actions and customers will pay more. Spending more money makes customers more valuable to your company and makes long-term success easier to achieve.
5-Reduce bounce rate

With the review widget, visitors likelihood for departure at an early stage can be decreased. People tend to stay on your website longer when you have more reviews.
6-Boost engagement

Customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they spend more time exploring and interacting with your website, and this higher user involvement can boost conversions.

Observe your Data

Your data reflects your website operating metrics. Without it, you can't tell if you understand your customer behavior or not. Thanks to Fouita, you have now access to every action that the visitor executes, the geolocation, the operating system, the browser, the UTM parameters, etc. Briefly, you have access to everything that you need to know.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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