Simple Plans

Straightforward pricing plans, we don't charge for how many users or visitors you have, your own projects, your own success.
2 Projects
2 Profiles / Project
Custom domain
10Mb Assets
5 Static Pages / Project
Unlimited Users
1 Team member
Fouita Branding
/ Month
Billed annually or $49 monthly
10 Projects
Unlimited Profiles
10 custom domains
1Gb Assets
50 Static Pages / Project
Unlimited Users
Pro Templates
3 Team members
No branding
/ Month
Billed annually or $99 monthly
50 Projects
Unlimited Profiles
50 custom domains
10Gb Assets
500 Static Pages / Project
Unlimited Users
Pro+Premium Templates
10 Team members
No Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how to code, is this for me too ?
If you're going to use it yourself, and you're open to getting familiar with some basic concepts or hire a developer along the way, then this is for you, it can help you learn and practice through examples. otherwise, other website builders may be better suited for your need.
What is a Profile ?
To decide what pages a group of users can access, you need to add (or signup) them to a profile.
By default, there are "Public" (for visitors) and "authenticated" (for authenticated users) profiles.
What counts as Assets ?
if you upload files into your media library (e.g images, pdf, videos) or update components, they will be counted as assets, no HTML files, or CSS is included, you can clone as many components as you like, they won't be counted as well.
How many pages i can create in the free plan ?
You can create and test an unlimited number of pages in your project and they will be functional for your users without any issue. But you can only generate 5 static pages optimized for SEO and Open Graph (OG). The generator will pick by default the first 5 pages from the public profile.
What happens to my projects if i cancel my subscription ?
Your projects will operate as usual, you still be able to perform the usual tasks, we will just add a branding text at the bottom of the pages.
How authentication works, can i use it in my backend ?
Authentication through fouita is something similar to Auth0 we offer an identity provider that can be integrated into any web app.
Yes, you can use it in your backend with JSON Web Key (JWK).
Can i export my projects ?
You cannot export your projects at the moment, but you will be able to host fouita and migrate all your data on your servers with a white label agreement, please contact for more details.
Is there an Entreprise Plan ?
If you need more than 50 projects or/and 500 static pages, contact
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