Smart widgets
for your website
Generate leads, engage visitors and drive sales on auto pilot.
Interact with Your users
Be notable and make your users benefit from a unique experience by interacting with them to avoid the common monotony in websites.
Manage your widget flow
Smart widgets flows are the best solution to increase engagement, boost customer acquistion and enhance the retention rate.
Scale up your sales
Making your users enjoy their navigation journey will lead to enhance sales and boost brand advocacy.
edit text and image
Fully Customizable Widgets
Get an immediate access to smart widgets and deliver the best experience for your websites visitors. 
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Plain text editor, like notion.

Sometimes the best tool for the job is not with code, the text editor helps you write more easily and elegantly.
You can write articles, blogs or captions and customize content faster.
This way, it will be automatically optimized for mobile display and SEO indexing.

Optimize to next-gen images

Having images for different displays require some work of conversion and cropping, save your time with the image optimizer and insert a single image.
Use only the URL, convert it to the extension you need (e.g webp) and crop/resize as you want.
There is also instant access to Pixabay images to download directly into your project media library.

How to add a widget to your website ?
Easy, Quick and Effortless Steps
Saving your time is what we offer besides the responsive and competent smart widgets. 
Choose a widget 
You have various options of widgets available for you. Your choice depends on your business goals, whether you want to drive traffic, increase reach, or create a database, etc.
Embed code or Use it with 
wordpress or shopify
One of the most important plugins that people all around the world are using are Wordpress and Shopify. You have the ability to embedd your widgets with them.
drag and drop 
into website
Now, you are in the last step. Just add the widget to your website, customize it and start performing.
Fast, Dynamic And Responsive.

Show the widget while scrolling

Are you wondering how you can display a pop up while your visitor is scrolling ?
This option is easily doable with Fouita, after going to settings, you can set this option.
Not only that, you can choose for how much time it should remain on the screen and when to hide it. Do you think that’s it ?Well, you still have the freedom to choose if you want to display it in every visit, after how many visits, every how many visits, etc.

Show the widget when leaving.

Do you want to deliver a reminder message or a Call To Action before the user exits the page ?
You have the full options to execute this task while choosing the durations and the events as well.
It’s up to you to monitor your visitors’ experiences and guide them towards specific Call To Actions.

Show the widget on click

If you want to build a brand around customer centricity and professionalism, you can activate this option !It helps the visitor execute an action by himself and engage more with your website.
You can display your desired buttons on your website and users use them whenver they need to ask or give a specific information.

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