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Web Apps With No Limits

Get your projects to the next level using a powerful tool that can build and scale your web apps without borders.

More than a website builder
No limits to what you can build. Customize your websites on multiple levels (No-Code, Low-Code and Code)
Never create the same block twice, reuse components you built accross projects.
Micro-frontend, Build and scale to millions of pages without affecting performance

Your code, your rules!

No-Code tools can be useful to some extent, but they will not work well with innovation. Making your website different takes a creative mind and a little code.
It does not take months anymore to learn simple coding skills, and you can rely on examples to teach you, it's way better than spending hours filling settings forms trying to get the responsive design that you like.
Our code editor won't let you make mistakes, it will show you the result instantly.

Build it once, use it anywhere!

Every component you or one of the team members build can be used inside any page you like within the project. You can set up the display properties (or stories) to change its behavior according to the selected page. If properties are not enough, there is always a way to build a new version and switch between them with a click.
Across projects, components can be cloned simply by checking the list of history components built, or visiting the marketplace.

Plain text editor, like notion

Sometimes the best tool for the job is not with code, the text editor helps you write more easily and elegantly.
You can write articles, add images or videos and customize content faster this way, and it will be automatically optimized for mobile display and SEO.

Optimize to next-gen images

Having images for different displays require some work of conversion and cropping, with the image optimizer you can insert a single image, and by using only the URL, you can convert it to the extension you need (e.g webp) and crop/resize as you want.
There is also instant access to Pixabay images to download directly into your project media library.

For Developers

No need for extra steps
Awesome project idea
Search and pick the best framework
Setup the environment
Worry about authentication
Start building features
new way

Key Features

All you need for better website building experience
built-in authentication
Out of the box identity provider with authentication and role management, you decide what visitors, signed-up users, or certain profiles can see inside the pages you build.
Copy from templates
Alongside our growing template marketplace, every page you create can be used as a template for other pages, copying and editing has never been easier.
shared components
Components you built are automatically shared between your projects, clone it and use it.
WYSIWYG editor
Edit content faster using a notion like editor, insert editors inside any components with no limits.
code editor
You don't have to use an IDE to create code, just write your code and it will be compiled and minified for the best performance.
component stories
Control the behavior of your components inside the page using stories (e.g change menu values and define selected item for different pages)
access management
Work with your team, define the access level for page editing, coding components, copywriting, project settings...etc.
media optimization
Manage your media files and run unlimited operations on images (resize, crop, blur, sharpen ...) all of that using a single image source.
SEO Friendly
Besides editing meta headers, you can insert custom headers for each page (like JSON-LD)
generate static websites
Even if your website uses dynamic data and dynamic links, every page will be generated as a static page and the project will have the possibility to operate offline as a PWA.
version management
You can code many versions for your components and switch between them instantly when you need to. much better than having a repository with many branches.
event management
You can add listeners on components or HTML elements to trigger events to run custom code or change other component properties.
Templates ready to deploy

140+ Templatess

Create pages from templates will get your project a good boost, you can filter and choose what works best for you!

Get started for free!

Build your first 2 projects and try all the features for free, or check out our lifetime deal!
A Better Way To Build Your Web Apps.
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