Fouita White Label
For Agencies
Fouita White Label empowers your company to provide a diverse array of widgets to your clients, eliminating the need to invest time and resources in developing them from the ground up

Use your own brand

With custom domain feature, you are able to showcase widget templates under your custom domain with Fouita white-label. This will make your customers only see your own brand.

Unlimited Templates

Build and share unlimited templates in few seconds with your customers, organize and manage categories, add tags to separate premium templates from the free ones or to sell to different type of customers.

Unlimited Storage

Optionally you can connect your own storage to enable unlimited file uploads. This is a great way to scale your customer base without having to worry about the storage limit. you still can limit your customer storage limit

Manage your clients

Create and manage users, set usage limit for your clients, and access their dashboard to create and manage widgets on their behalf. This will help you offer an outstanding support to your customers and help you provide outstanding service.
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Fouita White Label Access the portal under your custom domain Ability to create widget templates for your customers Select categories/subcategories to organize widgets Integration of your custom storage (s3 compatible) Create your customers' accounts from the dashboard Restrict templates to some users using tags Limit customer's views credits, storage space, and number of widgets
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does widget embed scripts use our custom domain?
Yes, widgets will have your custom domain when your customers try to embed them.
How views are calculated in white-label ?
Views in the white-label system are determined by the allocated view credits and the specified view limit for your clients. The visibility of client widgets on their website is contingent on the availability of these credits. It's crucial to note that if the view credits expire, it will result in the client widgets becoming invisible on their website. Therefore, monitoring and managing the expiration of view credits is essential to ensure uninterrupted visibility for your clients.
Can we purchase more view credits ?
Yes,you have the option to acquire additional view credits by opting for an additional subscription. Feel free to explore and obtain as many view credits as you desire by visiting our pricing page at "".
Do you offer refunds if I decide to cancel my subscription mid-billing cycle?
We do not provide refunds for the unused portion of a subscription that is canceled mid-billing cycle. However, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period, ensuring you get the full benefit of your plan until the next billing cycle begins. After cancellation, you won't be charged for the following billing periods.
 Can we set our custom categories ?
Not at the moment, this will be in a future update.
Can we add a custom script for analytics ?
Not at the moment, this will be in a future update.
Can customers signup to our white label portal ?
Not at the moment, this will be in a future update.