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Keep your website looking fresh with Instagram business feed

Showcase the beauty, authenticity, and vibrant moments of your Instagram world right on your homepage,
Enhanced Visual Appeal
This is a powerful solution designed to enhance your online presence and optimize your conversion rates.
Product Showcase and Social Proof
Showcasing your Instagram feed on your website displays products/services dynamically, using user-generated content for social proof, influencing and building trust with potential customers.
Cross-Promotion and Brand Consistency
Connect your website and Instagram for seamless cross-promotion, driving traffic between platforms.

What advantages does a Fouita instagram business feed offer you?

Connect with Any Instagram Business Account
Seamlessly connect with any Instagram business account, bringing your vibrant content directly to your website or app. Stay connected, showcase your brand, and captivate your audience in real-time with this powerful and user-friendly widget.
connect business account instagram feed fouita
Unlock the potential of your Instagram business account by seamlessly presenting your dynamic content on your website. With our feature-rich tool, choose between a classic grid layout or a captivating carousel display to tell your brand's story in a visually stunning way.
instagram business feedgrid or carouse fouita
Instagram business Feed Auto-Updates Every 4 Hours
Keep your audience in the loop effortlessly! Our Instagram Feed automatically updates every 4 hours, ensuring that your latest and greatest content is always front and center. Enjoy a dynamic and ever-changing showcase on your website, keeping your online presence vibrant and up-to-date without lifting a finger.
instagram business feed auto update fouita

Customize Your Instagram Business Feed with UI Options

Elevate your brand's visual identity and seamlessly integrate your Instagram Business Feed into your website with our user-friendly customization options. Our intuitive UI allows you to effortlessly personalize the display, from color schemes to layout styles. Curate a feed that aligns perfectly with your brand aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive and captivating online experience for your audience.
customize instagram business feed ui option fouita

Scan your Data

Fouita gives you the opportunity to have access to your Data. You can gather every insight related to the visitor movements on the website, their browsers, UTM parameters, devices, origins, etc. As a result, you will understand more your target audience and act upon their preferences.

Introducing our Instagram business feed widget

Discover our comprehensive Instagram Feed widgets template that covers all your needs in one place

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