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Free wheel of fortune  widget for your website

Enhancing user engagement and brand promotion

Unleash the potential of a Wheel of Fortune game on your website for enhanced engagement and brand promotion.
Enhancing Interaction and Conversions
By incorporating this interactive element into your website or marketing strategy, you can engage users and encourage their active participation.
Amplifying Brand Image and Awareness
By incorporating this interactive element into your marketing strategy, you can engage your audience in a fun and memorable way.
Generate Leads and Collect Data
As users spin the wheel, they can be prompted to provide their contact information or answer specific questions, allowing you to gather leads and valuable data.

What advantages does a Fouita wheel of fortune offer you?

Gamification and reward system
Gamification elements, like a Wheel of Fortune game, can create a sense of achievement and provide rewards to users. This can increase user motivation and encourage repeat visits to your website.
You can offer virtual rewards, such as points, badges, or virtual currency, which can be redeemed for discounts or exclusive content.
wheel of fortune
Harnessing data collection and lead generation potential
You can integrate the Wheel of Fortune game with a data capture mechanism, such as requiring users to provide their email address or fill out a form to play.
This allows you to collect valuable user data and generate leads for your business. With user consent, you can then use this data for marketing purposes or to build your email subscriber list.
harnessing data collection and lead generation potential
Engaging conversions with a strategic wheel of fortune
Maximize user engagement and conversions by strategically triggering the Wheel of Fortune. Display a popup as visitors are about to leave, motivating them to play and discover their chances. Offer enticing incentives like exclusive discounts, creating a sense of urgency and driving participation.
This approach increases engagement, collects valuable data, and boosts the potential to convert visitors into loyal customers. Leverage the Wheel of Fortune to optimize interactions and maximize conversion opportunities.
engaging conversions-with-a-strategic wheel of fortune

Customize your wheel of fortune

Our widget gives you the ability to edit options by adding labels or logos,  incorporate coupon codes and define conditions for winning or losing.
You also have the flexibility to add new conditions or remove existing ones, with the ability to change the color, text, and various other features to personalize the Wheel of Fortune according to your preferences.
customize wheel  of fortune

Scan your data

Your analytics should be your road to success. Once you understand your customers, you can evolve and scale up your business. Fouita provides you with the best dashboard that enables you to track every action executed on the widget.

Introducing our wheel of fortune widgets  templates

Discover our comprehensive wheel of fortune widgets' templates that covers all your needs in one place

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