Smart widgets, Great outcomes
Build a unique customer experience and retain more visitors to your website with our responsive widgets.

Fouita Smart Widgets

Communicate more effectively with your visitors using Fouita Smart widgets. 

Search and discover widgets that

match your website design

If you want to add a new widget, go to the marketplace, search for the desired widget, clone it, and then click on add to page. You can also add the widget to all the pages of your website. Next, you can start editing your widget and customize it the way you like using the control bar.

Adjust using your brand colors

Your widgets should be in congruence with your website design.
Fouita gives you the opportunity to personalize your widget colors according to your preferences. You can also select the font that fits better your content design to match it with the overall website patterns.

Inline edit without leaving your website

With Fouita, you can directly enable the edit mode and starting making changes in the widget content on your website without leaving it. This enables you to see instantly how your final widget will look like when it shows to your visitors.

Media Library to use with picture optimization

Pictures fortify the power of texts and give more context to your content. With Fouita, you can upload media files, add them to your website and control them the way you want. You can choose any image or icon that you see fitting the overall design.

Widget Flow

If you want to build a unique customer experience for every visitor, you can create a flow that will make the navigation experience more joyful. The flow enables you to choose when and where you want to display the widget, select the duration of the show/hide options, and set actions and triggers that make the widget appear automatically.