Roadmap 2023

Welcome to Fouita Roadmap 👋, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
Partner Portal & Whitelabel
Parner Portal
Create and Sell widgets on your own terms with Fouita Partner Service.

- Create workspaces
- Custom domain setup for each workspace
- Create and customize widgets for each workspace
- Customer signup/login to the workspace to track widgets
- Assign view credits limit to each workspace
- Public API to signup/login customers and control widgets' status

Fouita Dashboard & Widget Updates
Pricing Update
Purchase views credits regardless of the original Plan, if you need more you will be able to buy additional credits

- Report usage sent by email
- Filter and pagination of widgets
- Add more integrations

Widgets Updates
Continuously enhancing and adding customization options to widgets including:
- Custom CSS
- Custom Animations
- Lazy loading of images (applied on scrolling)
- SEO JSON-LD support on most widgets
- More options depending on the nature of the widgets

Form Builder
Input types to add
- Add File Upload
- Captcha for verification
- Spinner input
- Slide number range
- Phone number
- Multiselect Dropdown 

Partial Submissions
Forms that contain multiple steps will have partial submissions, you will be able to see data from users who didn't finish the form.

Form Validation
Add more validations for inputs, including min-length, max-length, and regular expression...

Conditional Display
Display inputs based on conditions from other input values 

Form display options
Display forms with the following options:
- Inline display of the form
- Display as a popup (position choice)
- Display triggered when clicking on an action button (floating and inline CTA buttons)

Form templates & categories
Add more form templates and categories to pick, and create a separate section for forms. 

Social Feed Widgets
More Widgets For
- RSS Feed
- Tiktok Feed
- Facebook Feed
- Twitter Feed
- Youtube Videos

Optimizations and options for content display are planned in the Image Gallery section.

Image Gallery & Video Gallery
Display Options
- Carousels 
- Grids
- Hero
- List & Cards

We will add options that are custom to the types of display, and the content will be updated for the social feed widgets too:
- Grid control
- Size
- Slide options
- Animation
- Custom content
- Custom Links

Event Widgets 
Add booking feature
- Add registration feature to event lists
- Integrate with email service for confirmation
- Integration with Eventbrite

Synchronize with other calendars
- Synchronize with google calendar
- Add Filter bar to search for events

More display options
- Display events on Monthly, Weekly or Daily Calendar
- Display on Grid or List
- Display as a popup 

A/B Testing
Optimize A/B testing
- Generate A/B testing reports
- Customize analytics for KPIs on special trackers for widgets
- Compare widgets side by side on the dashboard
- Integration with marketing campaigns 

Email Automation & Retargeting
Widgets with submissions
Integrate with mail service to send:
- Confirmation emails
- Reminder
- Send promo codes
- Follow up emails

We will make integration seamless and provide more documentation on how this can be done using Fouita widgets

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