About Fouita

Fouita offers a range of widgets that can seamlessly integrate into your website. There are two methods for embedding these widgets :
  • Standalone Widgets to learn more go to the Widget Get Started section  
  • Project Widgets  
  • This documentation will concentrate on utilizing the Fouita project to efficiently manage multiple widgets simultaneously.

    Get started with fouita Project

    This guide will take you through the fundamental steps for creating your Project on our platform . But first, let's get started by singing up for Fouita.

    After signing in, navigate to the dashboard and click on the 'Projects' button

    1. Click on "new project"

    fouita create project

    2. Fill the name and description

    when you hit "save" you will be redirected to add widgets to your new project.

    3. Add widgets

    by clicking on the "Add Widgets " button

    Select multiple widgets by clicking on the button and choosing from various categories available on the explore page.

    4. Embed to your website

    You can embed the code directly or use one of our plugins.
    To learn more go to the Installation section.

    Gongrats! you have created your first project and added widgets into your website. now your widget is active and your users can see it when they visit the page.