About Fouita Widgets

Fouita is a visual builder used in the browser, it aims to provide a marketplace of widgets for you to customize and build your domain oriented UI with next level interactivity.
The customization can go all the way from basic components (e.g NavBar, Hero..) to very complex items (e.g DataTable, Charts...)

Get started with fouita widget

Although a single project can be embedded into multiple websites, We recommend creating a project for each website you own to avoid confusion.

1.  Signup to fouita
2.  Click on "new project"

fouita create project

3. Fill the name and description and hit "save"
You will be redirected to add widgets to your new project.

4. Add widgets by clicking on the "Add" button
You can add many of the same type of widget, you can also skip this step and add widgets on your website after embedding the widget.

5. Embed to your website
Click on "install now" then copy the script code 

You can embed the code directly or use one of our plugins to do it.

6. Login to your project with your fouita credentials
Once you open your website, you will find Fouita Login button on the right, click on it.

Type your Fouita Email and your password or use google and click on Login. 

7. Add widgets to your site
If you have added widgets in your project from step 4, you will find the added widget 

You can clone more widgets by clicking on the shopping icon from the top nav. or by clicking on "add more widgets"

When you click on any of the widget groups presented you will find multiple versions that you can add to your page.

Click on "Add to page" then position the mouse anywhere inside your current page, hit click again to add the widget into your page.

Note: When you add widgets to your page, they are by default hidden for your visitors until you enable "Display for visitors" option on the list of current page widgets.

Once the widget inside the page you can edit it by enabling the edit mode

Edit text, change picture, update style of your widget

If you like to hide it while working on your website, you can do so by managing the widgets visibility in the current widgets components.

fouita page widgets

By clicking on "Display for me" icon the widget will be hidden only for you, you can show it back when you click again on "Display for me".

page widgets fouita

Gongrats! you have created your first project and added widgets into your website. now you widget is active and your users can see it when they visit the page.

More details on how to control your widget are in the upcoming sections. 

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