About US

We have a vision to make web apps craft a great experience

Why Fouita ?

With the rise of modern javascript frameworks, developers became able to deliver and update features more frequently. Nevertheless, they became tied up with the structure and the dependencies of the framework environment, loading unnecessary code, maintaining libraries’ updates, limiting the possibility to reuse already operating features in a new version of the same application, and requiring a learning curve for newcomers to adapt the changes.
That's why many turned to No-Code plateforms avoiding the hustel of maintaining and upgrading dependencies. But there is a certain tradeoffs has to be made, and some times, it's not worth it.
Our goal is to create the possibility to work with both, Code and No-Code, without compromises.
We are a small dedicated team of 4 people focusing to give the best possible solution in the market of websites and web apps building.

Our mission is to provide the biggest library of indexed components that not only have a stunning UI but also a set of data of many domains, making it a source of inspiration to provide an engaging content without wasting time deciding how to adjust the UI to your needs.
With Fouita widget, you should be able to customize anything to it's deepest level and keep track of your work anywhere so you won't waste years of your life repeating yourself.

We aim to make things even faster, you only load what you need, no x Mb bundle, no bullsh!t dependencies, you load them only when you need them!
Last but not least, we believe everyone should be able to get the most of his webapps so we're keeping it simple and FREE for small projects!

A Better Way To Buid Your Web Apps.
Cyber parc, kairouan, tunisia
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