The Banner widget

With Fouita, banners are incredibly effective at driving conversions, increasing email lists, and encouraging users to convert and engage more with your website.
Actually, banners offer a more clever interaction because they roll into view at the right time after being activated and sit at the top of a site.
You can advertise a variety of goods or fresh content, and with time in the long term, it will be simpler to make sales.

Display your Ads in the banner

High-converting banners are simple to add to your website. They can then be utilized to advertise your services, highlight your goods, offer advertising space, and more.
With Fouita, you can choose where and when you want to display your ads. Added to that, the customer can open the page and then receive the ad while browsing. This way, you ensure that the visitor sees your banner.
Another advantage is that you can display your banner in diverse places on the website. It can be on the top, on the bottom, on the left, or the right.

Why is it beneficial to use the banner widget ?

Banners are a great way to get visitors' attention and convert them into customers.
They need to be, however, used in an efficient way so that you avoid getting your users bored. The content should be
clear and straight to the point. Here are a couple of reasons why using a banner is almost crucial for any business:

It’s a fantastic way to generate leads. You might design a banner that provides visitors with a discount code.
You might use the power of social proof so you can leverage your website conversions.
To persuade website users to perform an action, such as purchasing their goods or services.
It’s a powerful advertising tool to give your business a boost. You'll be able to take your business to the next level.
Create a sense of urgency by promoting the products that are low in stock and motivate your website visitors to purchase.
To promote your products and services, thus motivate more visitors to make a purchase.
One of the best ways to make your button stand out is using a catchy call-to-action button. It’s a crucial element of banners.

Customize your widget

You have plenty of features to edit according to your
website design.
Choose colors that match your website color palette.
In several cases, links can be added to orient users for a specific action. 
You can optimize your images right away, or you can use Pixabay directly. 
You can edit the fonts, the size, and the text content as well.

Track your Analytics

Taking random decisions is the worst thing that happens to a  busines. Fouita solved this issue by providing you with a dashboard in which you have the full access to your widgets analytics starting from clicks and hovers to geolocation and UTM parameters.

Customize your flow

If you want to create a memorable customer experience, Fouita has the solution for you. Now, you can personnalize the navigation journey. Choose when and where you want to display your widgets. Also, you might set triggers and timing for each widget to show or hide inorder to avoid shooting the visitor with popups at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a banner widget important for sales? 
Should I display the banner often or in specific actions? 
 Can I customize the banner?
Can I integrate a call-to-action to the banner?

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