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best subscription popup widget for your website.

Boosting website engagement and lead generation

Discover the power of subscription widgets in enhancing user engagement, lead generation, and gaining valuable data insights.
Increased User Engagement
Our subscription widget allows you to capture user information such as email addresses and names.
Effective Lead Generation
Our widget is an excellent tool for lead generation. When visitors subscribe, they express an interest in your website and its content.
Data Insights and Analytics
Our subscription widget enables you to gather valuable data and insights about your website visitors.

Unveiling the advantages of our subscribe form widget

Choose the perfect template
Fouita offers a range of subscription templates to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, Fouita provides a variety of options to choose from.
Select the subscription template that suits you best and enjoy the benefits and features tailored to your requirements.
subscription popup templates fouita
Tailor your subscription popup for enhanced engagement with ease
Fouita offers unmatched flexibility to customize your subscription popup effortlessly.
Choose from modal, left or right placement, or seamlessly integrate it into your website. With intuitive tools, create a subscription experience that matches your brand aesthetics and boosts user engagement.
subscription popup
Timely subscription popup for optimal results
With the ability to add multiple time slots throughout the day, you can easily accommodate breaks, reopen after a hiatus, or provide extended service hours.
Customize your business hour display to reflect the unique rhythm of your operations and ensure your customers have a clear understanding of your availability.
timely subscription popup

Customize Your Subscription Form

Personalize every aspect, from text and color to images and buttons. Configure the form fields to capture the information you require, such as first name, last name, email, phone, message, and terms & conditions.
customize subscription popup

Scan your Data

Fouita gives you the opportunity to have access to your Data. You can gather every insight related to the visitor movements on the website, their browsers, UTM parameters, devices, origins, etc.
As a result, you will understand more your target audience and act upon their preferences.

Introducing our subscribe form widgets template

Discover our comprehensive subscribe form widgets template that covers all your needs in one place


Increase efficiency while interacting with your audience.

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