Click To Call

Click to Call

Welcome to the “Click To Call” documentation. Looking to integrate Click to Call into your website? Our widget allows you to create a direct line of communication, making it easy for your visitors to reach out to you with a simple click. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the editor to customize your Click to Call widget.

Step 1 : Open the Editor
1. Go to Click To Call template.
2. Click on "Edit" after choosing your temp   late.

Step 2: Customize the content

1. In this panel, you can easily, add or remove chat buttons as needed.

2. Customize the phone button by adding the social URL. You can also choose their background and text colors.

Step 3: Configure settings

  • Begin with the "View" section where you can choose the chat's position, adjust its roundness, select the text style, and add title for the buttons. Also, you can enable or disable the auto-prompt. 

  •  Choose to show or hide the header. Then provide the name of the person chatting with your users and specify his status.

  •  Also, you have the option to upload his profile image and select its position. 

  •  Regarding the buttons, you can adjust their roundness, add labels to them , and choose whether they should appear in full style or not.

  • Customize the floating button by adjusting its roundness, selecting an icon, adding a label to it and specify its size.

  • Step 4: Choose Colors

    Within this panel, you can select colors that match your website's design.

    Step 5: Preview

    Lastly, you can click on “Preview” to see how your Click to Call widget looks on both desktop and mobile devices. After this, you can proceed to the next step.

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