Form Conditions

Form Conditions

Welcome to the “Registration Form” documentation. Looking to integrate a registration form into your website? Our widget simplifies the process of collecting user data and enhancing access to your services. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the editor to customize your registration form widget.


Step 1 : Open Conditions Tab
1. Go to "Conditions" tab.
2. Click on "Add New Conditon".

Step 2 : Edit Set Conditons

Begin by defining your conditions in the "If" section. Choose the step and form field, then select the state, which can be "filled," "empty," or “equal to” or “contains” another field or a specified value that you will input.

Step 3: Define Actions

Once you've established the conditions, you must specify the actions to be taken within the selected step when those conditions are met. These actions can be either "Show" or "Hide." When the trigger condition is satisfied, the designated field or section will either be displayed or hidden accordingly.

Step 4: Complete and Apply

Once you are satisfied with the conditional logic you've defined, you can either delete it or add another condition. Finally, click "Close" to apply the changes.

To incorporate an integration into your widgets, simply navigate to the Integrations section for additional guidance.