Popup / Section Shop
Welcome to the “Popup / Section Shop” documentation. Looking to integrate a popup or a section shop into your website? Our widget is here to help you make your products or promotions stand out. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the editor to customize your popup / section shop widget..

         Step 5 : Preview

Step 1 : Open the Editor
1. Go to the Popup or Section Shop templates.
2. Click on "Edit" after choosing your template.

Step 2 : Add And Customize Elements

1. Here in this panel, you have control over what shows up in your widget, you can easily add, remove, or change the content of the popup or section shop, such as text, image or button. Simply hover over the container to access these options.

2. Click on the edit icon to customize your element. From there, you'll be able to manage its color, style, width, and height . You can also put a border, set a background image and adjust its opacity.
     3. Once you're finished, click on "Done" to save your changes.


Step 3 : Adjust the Layout

In the Layout panel, you can adjust how your layout looks and behaves. You have control over things like size, rounding, width, popup position, adding an overlay, choosing how it's displayed, and even adding animations.

  • To switch from the popup to the section view, simply deactivate the popup and disable the closable toggle.

  • The overlay only functions within the popup when the horizontal position is set to the middle and the vertical position is set to the center.

  • Step 4 : Adjust the Button

  • You can manage the display timing of the button using the button panel.

  •  Modify the button label and weight, include an icon if desired, and then select the mode and position of the button.

  •  You can incorporate animation effects into the button for both entrance and exit as needed.

  •  Customize the button color or upload an image of your choice to meet your preferences.

  • Step 5 : Preview

    Lastly, you can click on “Preview” to see how your popup or section shop looks on both desktop and mobile devices. After this, you can proceed to the next step.

    For further information on configuring triggers, please navigate to the  Widget Triggers section.