Widget Triggers

Once you've customized your widget, the next step is to configure its triggers.

1. Update Triggers

The Triggers list offers multiple options  Let's start by addressing the first option .

 You can customize how your widget appears when a user enters your page by choosing one of the following options :

 a. When visitor enters the page :

You have the flexibility to customize the appearance to your preference.

b. When visitor is scrolling :

When you select the option to show your widget while the visitor is scrolling, be sure to specify when the widget should appear.

c. When visitor is leaving :

 If you choose this option simply you can  customize the appearance to your preference.

d. When visitor perform an action:

If you choose this option you have to set the type of the action and his Xpath 

XPath enables efficient data location and manipulation within your widget. To learn more about XPath and how to implement it, please visit this website Xpath.

Widget Actions :

There are specific widgets that include buttons for various actions, such as closing, submitting, or updating. You have the ability to customize the actions performed by these buttons
 You can define hiding conditions for your action

2. Update Conditions :

You can choose conditions to decide to what type of audience you would like the widget to be visible or hidden.

 If URL contains a parameter :

The condition would be, if visitor is coming from https://yourwebsite.com/path?utm_campaign=LTD The widget  will be shown, otherwise the widget will stay hidden for all visitor actions.

If URL contains a Path : 
If a URL path exists, you should include your paths.

If there is a specific timezone :
If you are using a widget and would like to display it in a specific timezone, you can specify the timezone you want to use.

If visitor is from specific Countries :

You only need to choose the specific country you want to add from the available options.

If visitor is using specific Browser, Device or OS :

choose the specific Browser, OS and the Device 

If there is a Schedule Show  : 

you can control the display of your widget based on predefined timing.

If there is a Schedule Hide :

You also have the option to schedule the hiding of your widget according to predefined timing.