Embed Composer

Embeds are built based on a set of widgets, and they can be installed on your website using a single embed code, the code embedded can display the widget(s) in 3 different ways:

  •  All widgets together: Display all the widgets at the same time
  •  One by one: show widgets in the list in a sequential order, one by one, each time the same visitor enters the page.
  •  Random selection: Choose a random widget from the list to display.

  • How to use the embed composer ?

    To create an embed you need to login to your dashboard and navigate to "Embed Composer" from the left side menu. Then click on "New Embed"

    Insert the embed name and choose the embed mode from the list, then click "Save"

    You will be then redirected the embed details page where you can add your widgets.

    Click on "Select Widgets" and pick the widgets you like, you need to have at least 1 widget created previously on your dashboard.

    Click on "Select Widgets" within the popup to add the widgets. You can now sort the widgets, change the selection, and check the details.

    Click "Embed" to use the embed code and install the widgets on your website.

    You need to note that changing the widgets list, the embed mode or the order of widgets will cause a change of a the embed code. So you will need to install it again on your website.

    Choose either direct or iframe embed following the instructions on that page.

    That's it, now you should see the widgets display as a collection, with the mode selected.

    Relation with widget Triggers

    The embed composer has no relation with the widget triggers, it's simply a way to embed multiple widgets with the same code.

    Triggers will act independently after they get fired on your website.

    For example, a common use case for using triggers is scheduling a widget display. If you like to use 2 widgets and display 1 on Monday, and 1 on Tuesday. you will need to use the embed composer with the display mode "All Widgets Together", this will make sure the widgets are present, but the trigger will allow the display of the 1st widget on Monday and the 2nd widget on Tuesday.

    Any display that is not based on vistor entering the page, and based on Triggers, will require the embed mode "All Widgets Together", otherwise some widgets won't show as expected.

    If you need to test the embed before using it into your website, you can visit the link within the iframe code.

    That's it, you now know what embed composers are and how to use them.