Youtube Gallery
Welcome to the “YouTube Gallery” documentation. Looking to integrate YouTube gallery into your website? Our widget allows you to create stunning galleries that beautifully display your favorite YouTube content. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the editor to customize your YouTube gallery widget.

Step 1 : Open the Editor
1. Go to Youtube Gallery templates.
2. Click on "Edit" after choosing your template.

Step 2: Add the source

In this panel, you can add your YouTube videos by either entering a channel name or pasting a playlist URL.

Step 3: Adjust the Layout

In the Layout panel, you have the flexibility to determine how your YouTube videos are presented.

1. If you choose the carousel option, you can specify the maximum number of videos to display, the gap between them, and the number of columns and rows.
2. Alternatively, if you opt for the pagination view, you can specify the maximum number of videos to show, select the display mode (grid or list), set the gap between videos, and determine how many videos should appear per page.

Step 4: Choose Colors

Within this panel, you have the option to choose colors for each container, card, popup, and button, ensuring they harmonize seamlessly with the design of your website.

Step 5: Configure settings

Here, you'll handle the settings:
1. Begin by deciding whether to display or hide the header.

2. When it comes to the videos, you can adjust their roundness, select the icon, and determine whether to display the details and popup details.

3. Next, you have the option to show each control and dots and activate the loop mode.

4. Finally, you can choose whether to display the subscribe button and provide its label.

Step 5: Preview

Lastly, you can click on “Preview” to see how your YouTube gallery widget looks on both desktop and mobile devices. After this, you can proceed to the next step.