SendFox fouita integration

SendFox Integration

Welcome to the documentation of SendFox integration !
By the end of this page, you should have your integration successfully done. The steps are easy to follow and of course, if you face any problem, you can reach out for help.

Get API token

- Log into your SendFox account.
- Follow the instructions on this page to get your API Key
Or Visit the following page to directly create your API Token
- Generate new API Access Token and copy the code

Setup your Fouita widget

After creating your form based widget on fouita, go to the widget details page by clicking on the widget name on your dashboard, the click on the "Integration" tab.

- Go to SendFox integration and click on "edit" or "activate"

- Add your API Key and Tags

Map fields for SendFox
SendFox requires a specific fields to be sent, the required field is the email, other fields can be disabled by clicking the eye icon.
Map the field names with the following

First Name => first_name
Last Name => last_name
Email => email

Click Test SendFox Integration to debug the results and make sure it's working. Then click Save.

Notemake sure your form has all the inputs enabled here. 

That's it, the widget will automatically send the contact information to your SendFox account.